Customers Love MRO Tracking

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The MRO Tracking software is proven to be a great benefit in our day to day operations. Our old methods of tracking repairs was very cumbersome, time consuming, and ineffective. The minimal cost of this software will make its money 100 fold through, labor savings, machine up time, and lost repairs. I would recommend this software to any manager tracking repairs.

Jake Kunkel
Maintenance Superintendent, Busche Enterprises
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This tracking program has been a valuable tool for our department. No more wondering where our repair items are. We use it to monitor our repairs, vendors and how quickly we approve repairs. We are even using it for tracking work orders now. I wish we had it years ago. Thanks.

Kurt Flesher
Maintenance Manager, Shiloh Industries
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The MRO Tracking Software has been utilized for tracking repairs in and out of the facility. It has helped take away the worries of where and at what stage in the process our repairs are. We now know at the touch of a few buttons who has the repairs, at what stage the repair is in (i.e. quoting, waiting for approval, rebuild, delivered) and when expected delivery is. This software provides an easy user dashboard, allowing us to easily manage our repairs even though they are being completed externally. MRO Tracking really allows you to have your hand on the pulse of all of your repairs at all times. It saves time through collaboration of both quote tracking and repair tracking in one convenient spot. No more searching for quotes as they are already entered in the system by the vendors for each repair. This software allows additional metrics to track and evaluate not only your vendors but your company as well. This great product has helped tremendously.

Mike Taylor
Plant Manager, Coldwater, MI
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Teams that convened the last couple of months on maintenance issues determined that a particular program [MROtracking] for tracking repairs would be highly beneficial. In fact, when going through the prioritization portion of one session, it was one of the top items in terms of low cost and high impact. It is a web based program and we have had trial use of it for over a month. Those who have worked with it concur that it has value.

Fred Deferbrache