(MRO) or Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul involves fixing any sort of electrical, mechanical, or plumbing device.


MROtracking.com was developed by Bruce DeLucenay. Bruce has nearly 30 years industrial maintenance experience in the manufacturing industry, starting at Cooper Tire in 1986. He has held positions including Journeyman Millwright, Maintenance Tech, Maintenance Shift Supervisor, PM Planner, and Maintenance Manager with the Budd Company. During his career in maintenance, Bruce often experienced the frustrations of keeping track of items out for repair:

  • Where was it sent?
  • How long has it been out?
  • What machine did it come off of?
  • What was wrong with it?
  • When will we get it back?
  • Wasn’t that a warranty?


He knew there had to be a better way.

In 2008, Bruce founded Industrial Rep, an industrial repair management company. With over 500 client repairs in process at any given time, it quickly became critical for Bruce to be in full control of each and every repair in process, which lead to developing a Repair Tracking System (RTS). This RTS was the backbone of his customer service at Industrial Rep.

With the success of his RTS for Industrial Rep’s clients, Bruce realized every repair manager in every facility should have this kind of control. So, he built MROtracking.com for repair managers everywhere. MROtracking.com is an online software tool that can keep track of all repairs from any facility – not just tracking logistics, but tracking costs and accountability, too. After extensive beta testing in the Automotive, Casting, Machining and Medical Industries, MROtracking.com has proven to be a far superior way to handle component repairs.

It’s time for the best way to track your repairs, it’s time for MROtracking.com.


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